“I don’t know where I’d be without the firm’s help. It was the best decision ever to hire you guys. PARTICULARLY since when under this much stress as the last 13 months. I really can’t imagine doing it on my own.
I worked for corporate lawyers and, while a lot of fun and great people, didn’t feel like I was contributing much to the world.
But with the type of law you all practice, you can know you are helping people every single day.”

“My parents and I have consulted with this firm for many years. Attorney Cary Moss and paralegals Bill King, Kathy Moylan and Danielle Taylor are extremely knowledgeable, responsive, caring and patient. They guided me through difficult and time-consuming paperwork which I could never have done without their help. Particularly in stressful times for my family, they have been so supportive. Bill King in particular helped me point-by-point in navigating complex procedures. Attorney Moss is amazing and the entire staff has truly felt like family to me.”

“I can’t thank Team Sawyer & Sawyer enough so far for taking care of my Mother’s legal affairs. I especially give kudos to Bill for being knowledgeable, professional and empathetic throughout this eligibility process. I don’t suggest this Medicaid process to be handled by yourself, so we chose the best advocates for the job, you only get one Mom and her transitioning to a long-term facility is a HUGE deal, thanks again Team Sawyer & Sawyer.”

“Cary Moss and her incredible staff have helped us manage my parents and our families estate and medical needs when no one else could. Her caring ways and knowledge of elder care and how the byzantine government processes worked was a miracle to our exhausted and confused family. Not often these days can you say ‘You can trust her as our family does’!”

“From 2000 to 2019 this firm managed my son’s guardianship, my responsibilities as a guardian, including forms, documents, report, legal representation, etc. I can keep going on and on. They are so professional, helpful, responsible and dedicated people that any word I use to describe them and the service they provide won’t be enough. They were always available via email, mail, phone calls, etc. They showed me how much they care for my son and his rights. I learned so much about my rights and responsibilities as a legal guardian because they were always providing me with the right information and the best legal advises. I moved to the state of Georgia. I love it here, but I am missing the relationship established with these wonderful people, especially Attorney Cary L, Moss and Ms. Danielle Taylor, Paralegal. I wish they can move to Georgia one day. I am so blessed and so grateful to have you and all your loving care in my son’s life.”

“I couldn’t recommend a better law firm than Sawyer & Sawyer Law when EstateLaw, Probate, Guardianship and Estate Planning. I started using Sawyer & Sawyer working with attorney Tom Moss assisting with an elderly parent guardianship. It was a stressful time for me and Tom along this law firm staff guided me in the right direction at all times. I can’t mention all the ways Tom, staff and the other attorneys were always there for me when needed. Because of the positive working relationship with the firm my other parent retain them for Estate Planning. My husband and I also hired Tom for our Estate Planning for our business. When the elderly parent with the guardianship passed away Tom and this firm took care of helping me get through the probate requirements. I believe my family and I used every area of services offered by this firm. Tom Moss Esq and this firm has gone above and beyond in helping my family. To me they are likely one of the most experienced law firm in Guadianship, Probate, Estate Planning & EstateLaw in Central FL. They come highly recommended. Thank you very much Sawyer & Sawyer!”