Lawyer for Wills in Florida

Everything You Should Know About Hiring a Lawyer for Wills in Florida

Thinking about what will happen when you are gone is not easy. Finding a lawyer for wills in Florida can ensure that your loved ones receive your assets as you intend in a way that is in their best interests. 

Why You Need a Will in Florida

Wills are essential for several reasons. Without one, all of your assets are in the hands of Florida Law. By using a will, you can take control of your:

  • Assets: Ensure that all your assets pass on to the right people. Estate planning might include personal or commercial property, vehicles, bank accounts, intellectual property, or other valuable assets.
  •  Arrangements: You can dictate non-tangible arrangements such as the funeral, potential child care, debt payoff, liquidation, and more.

What Do I Need for a Florida Will?

You must be at least 18 years old and mentally sound to execute a will. There must be two witnesses present at the time the document is executed by you. Florida law does not recognize handwritten or audio-recorded wills as valid.

Before beginning the process, consider the documents you need to gather. Most assets require proof of ownership. You may also need additional paperwork like a birth certificate or marriage license.

Protect Assets by Hiring Someone Who Understands Florida Law

Some might think they can draft their wills independently or with a simple online service. However, finding a lawyer for wills in Florida is the best way to make sure everything is correct and legally binding.

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid handling a will on your own:

  • Forms are generic. Often, internet services offer documents that can work across all states, meaning they do not include necessary Florida-specific information. These generic forms might fail in cour or cause unintended issues
  • Will procedure is tricky. Creating a legal will involves valid witnesses and other complex measures. If you do not follow these rules strictly, the document will be useless.
  • Laws change. State laws update frequently. A lawyer can recognize the essential changes you may be unaware of and edit your documents to remain valid.

Get Ahead on All Estate Plans with a Florida Lawyer

Get your affairs in order by contacting an experienced estate planning Florida lawyer today.

There are a lot of complications that arise after you pass. Seeking legal representation helps you prepare all of your appropriate documents. While it may feel difficult, creating adequate plans for the future is essential to protect your loved ones.

If you are searching for a lawyer for wills in Florida, contact Sawyer & Sawyer, P.A.