Ensuring that your children or dependents are well taken care of in your absence is a primary concern for many parents and caregivers. The thought can be daunting, but there are proactive steps you can take. We’re here to guide you through the legal considerations and strategies available to residents of Florida.


Creating a Comprehensive Estate Plan in Florida

When you think about the future, especially concerning your children or dependents, a comprehensive estate plan is crucial. An estate plan does much more than merely dictate how your assets should be distributed after your passing. It serves as a well-rounded strategy to ensure that your wishes, particularly concerning the well-being of your dependents, are honored no matter what life brings. From incorporating durable powers of attorney to defining healthcare directives and setting up appropriate trusts, an estate plan in Florida can cover a range of legal mechanisms designed to protect you and your loved ones.

 The key is personalization. Your family is unique, and your estate plan should reflect that uniqueness. We engage in detailed conversations with you, understanding your priorities and fears, to craft a plan that aligns with your values and needs.


Guardianship Matters in Florida

Appointing a guardian for your minor children is more than just picking a family member or friend to take over childcare duties. It’s a thoughtful process that involves scrutinizing a potential guardian’s capability, stability, and willingness to raise your children under circumstances that honor your values and lifestyle choices. 

In Florida, the laws allow for the creation of not only a guardianship clause within your will but also a separate document known as a “Designation of Preneed Guardian.” This designation can extend to deciding who will manage any assets or trusts you’ve set aside for your children until they reach legal adulthood. This double-layered approach ensures that your children have a continuity of care and financial stability. Moreover, having a legally sound guardianship plan in place prevents family disagreements and keeps the court from making this deeply personal decision for you.

Special Needs Trusts in Florida

For those caring for a dependent with special needs, a standard will or trust may fall short. Special Needs Trusts or  Supplemental Needs Trust are crafted to provide for additional needs without affecting eligibility for government assistance programs like Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This level of planning requires a nuanced understanding of both state and federal laws, which is where we come in. Furthermore, a well-designed Supplemental Needs Trust can address quality-of-life improvements, covering costs for therapies, specialized education, and even leisure activities that governmental aid often overlooks. 


Utilizing Revocable Living Trusts in Florida to Avoid Probate

Revocable Living Trusts serve many functions, including helping you bypass the probate process and providing specific guidelines for asset distribution. In Florida, assets within a trust can be earmarked for the care of your children or dependents. Such trusts also enable seamless transition of asset management should you become incapacitated.


Advanced Healthcare Directives in Florida

No one likes to think about it, but planning for your children’s medical care in your absence is essential. Florida recognizes Advanced Healthcare Directives that allow you to appoint a trusted person to make medical decisions for your minor children if you are unable to do so. This can offer much-needed peace of mind.


Financial Power of Attorney in Florida

In Florida, a Financial Power of Attorney lets you designate a trusted individual to manage your assets when you can’t. This becomes particularly useful to ensure funds are readily available for the immediate care of your children or dependents. Different types of Powers of Attorney exist, and we’re here to help you choose the one that fits your needs best.


Protect Your Loved Ones for the Future

Planning for the future can be complex, but the stakes are too high to ignore. The well-being of your loved ones depends on the steps you take today. We can offer you our knowledge of advanced directives and living wills gained from helping many others with the process. Call Sawyer & Sawyer, P.A. at (407) 909-1900 if you need to arrange your advanced directive and living will in Florida, or contact us online