Estate Planning in Florida for Young Adults

If your child is 18 or older, you as a parent have very few legal rights over them. Now is the time to have a discussion with your child on the importance of having the correct documents in order to ensure they are protected and covered in the event of an emergency situation whether at college or beginning their life on their own.

The Attorneys at Sawyer & Sawyer, P.A. have created a video explaining each document and the importance of each one.  Being prepared can give you peace of mind while your young adult is away from home. 

What Estate Planning Documents Does a Young Adult Need?

While young adults often don’t have many assets they need to plan for at this time, there are other estate planning documents they should include in their estate plan in case of incapacity. These estate planning documents should include:

  • Durable Power of Attorney. Your Power of Attorney can manage your finances and other decisions such as withdrawing you from classes if you become incapacitated.
  • Living Will and Health Care Surrogate. You can inform your family about treatment you wish to receive if you become incapacitated and require advanced medical care.
  • HIPPA Authorization. This form allows specified family members to gain access to your medical records.

Why Are Estate Planning Documents Necessary for a Young Adult.

The primary issue many young adults face while in college or on their own is that their parents are no longer legally able to make decisions on their behalf.

You must name a trusted person as a durable power of attorney if you want to grant someone the ability to make decisions during your incapacitation (in case you suddenly can’t make or communicate your own decisions).

If the young adult suffers severe injuries in a car accident or develops a sudden medical condition, their parents are often unable to get involved in their sick child’s care, and this is where the Health Care Directives will be beneficial.

When Should Estate Planning Documents Be Prepared?

Estate Planning Documents should be prepared immediately after you turn 18 years of age, especially if you are headed to college or are living on your own. 

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