What Are the Essential Documents for a Good Estate Plan?

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A good estate plan should include six important documents. Many clients are surprised to realize that three of these important components involve medical issues rather than financial ones. If your plan is missing one of these elements, your loved ones may have to deal with added legal expenses and delays, or they may be unable to assist you in an emergency. When you have these essential documents up-to-date, you can rest easy knowing that you have taken the right steps to prepare for the future. A Trust Can Be the Key to Security One or more trusts often serve as the cornerstone of a thorough estate plan. There are different types of trusts used to accomplish different goals. For instance, you might use: A revocable living trust to avoid probate An irrevocable asset protection trust to become eligible for long-term care assistance through Florida Medicaid A charitable remainder trust to…

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Will Medicare Cover a Coronavirus Vaccine?

By | Elder Care, FAQ, Medicare

With the coronavirus pandemic responsible for more than a hundred thousand deaths and disrupting life across the United States, the only way for the country to return to normal is an effective vaccine. When a vaccine is available, Medicare will cover the cost. Medicare covers vaccines in a variety of ways, depending on the vaccine. It may be through Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D, or a Medicare Advantage plan if you are enrolled in one. Part B covers vaccines only for certain illnesses: flu, pneumonia, and Hepatitis B (if you are at medium or high risk). Medicare covers 100 percent of the cost of these vaccines if you go to an approved provider, and you do not have to pay a deductible or coinsurance. Medicare Advantage is also required to provide these vaccines at no additional costs. Part B also covers vaccines if you are exposed to a dangerous virus…

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